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Visual Studio Team Services Build with Redgate DLM Automation Build

One of the great parts about Microsoft's new Visual Studio Team Services (formerly Visual Studio Online) build is the extensibility. Anybody can make custom build steps to bring in. Redgate has taken advantage of that extensibility and made a custom step so anyone can get up and running with their

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Getting Started with Red Gate DLM Automation Suite

Red Gate's DLM Automation Suite is the second half of the automated database deployments process. It takes the scripts that were created by SQL Source Control, builds a package, and then deploys that package to the various database environments (test, staging, production, etc.). Red Gate has built the tooling so

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Database Changes - Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

A core concept of continuous delivery is build once, deploy anywhere. The idea behind it is simple, the code is built once and deployed to all the servers throughout the various environments. For example, if you had a development, testing, staging and production server, you would build once before deploying

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Automated Database Deployments - Getting Buy-in

Automated Database Deployments is rather disruptive. But it is disruptive in a good way. Depending on the company, database deployments could be a "wild west" process where every team has their way of deploying changes. Getting any sense of consistency is going to be difficult. When I was working on

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