DevOps is the answer to the question, "what do I have to change in my process to be able to and want to deploy to production 10 times a day with zero downtime?" The required collaboration between developers and operations to come up with a solution is what is needed to achieve that goal. The solution itself, which will consist of various tooling and practices, will vary between companies. But was is absolutely required is collaboration. That collaboration is not something that can just happen overnight. Below is a series of articles put together to help out.

DevOps is a major passion of mine. I despise any deployment that must occur after hours. In addition, the time between when code is finished and code is deployed is a lost return on investment on that change. The sooner a feature or a bug fix can get in the hands of the users the happier they will be and the sooner they can give feedback. The faster developers get feedback means the faster they can improve things. I also despise any time a bug is discovered after a deployment that could have been caught with collaboration between operations and development. It is a win-win for everyone.

Unlike my topic of automated database deployments, which was well on its way to being adopted by Farm Credit Services of America when I started writing on it; the topic of DevOps is going to be covered on this site in much more real-time.

  1. An Introduction to DevOps
  2. Introduction to Streamline deployments
  3. Start of Collaboration
  4. Development Team Changes
  5. Smaller Builds
  6. Automated Deployments are Missional Critical
  7. Automation Tips
  8. 8 Tips for Creating VSTS Tasks
  9. Proactive Production Troubleshooting
  10. Setup Alerts through New Relic
  11. Setup Dashboards using New Relic Insights