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Self Signed Certificates and Sub-Domains with Local IIS - Automated Developer Machine Setup Part III

As any developer can tell you, having their machine match production as close as possible is key. A lot of websites today now make use of subdomains, IE platform.mysite.com. In addition, it is very rare to run across a website today which doesn't use SSL. There is just

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Static Data with Multiple Database Tenants

The loan origination system my team and I are responsible for have 20 tables marked as static data in Redgate's SQL Source Control. One example of static data is a tile type. The loan origination system has a dashboard made up of multiple tiles. There are six different types of

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Database Changes - Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

A core concept of continuous delivery is build once, deploy anywhere. The idea behind it is simple, the code is built once and deployed to all the servers throughout the various environments. For example, if you had a development, testing, staging and production server, you would build once before deploying

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