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Bob Walker

Omaha, NE
Founder of Principal Software Architect in Omaha, Nebraska. Friend of Redgate. Working as a Full Stack Developer since 2004.

Infrastructure: Setup Octopus Deploy to use Redgate DLM Automation

Automated database deployments is a critical aspect of any continuous integration pipeline. The tooling today has made it very easy to get that added, especially if you use Octopus Deploy and Redgate DLM Automation. It is very easy to add the necessary step templates into Octopus Deploy to get Redgate

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Self Signed Certificates and Sub-Domains with Local IIS - Automated Developer Machine Setup Part III

As any developer can tell you, having their machine match production as close as possible is key. A lot of websites today now make use of subdomains, IE In addition, it is very rare to run across a website today which doesn't use SSL. There is just

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Increased Database Security: Another Reason to Adopt DevOps

The tooling necessary to incorporate DevOps practices is already out there. There are many different flavors of build tools, Jenkins, TeamCity, VSTS, AppVeyor, and Bamboo. Release management is covered by Octopus Deploy, Release Management, and Bamboo. And finally, database automation tooling provided by Redgate SQL Toolbelt and Microsoft SSDT. The

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